Sebastian Mattukat was born in Berlin, 1987. He received his high school diploma in 2006, before gaining his first filmmaking experience as an assistant editor and then editor working on music videos and corporate films. 

In 2009, Sebastian has focused on his work as a director. Since his early days in editing Sebastian has always brought more to the table than “just” his directing skills. With his huge knowledge in post-production and his efficiency on set he barely goes in overtime and shoots straight for the edit.

In 2012 he directed the post-apocalyptic short film „The Rising“, which was screened at SITGES or the L.A. Screamfest among others and gained a large audience over its lifespan.

As a commercial director, Sebastian has worked with clients like Disney Channel, bett1 and Audible among many others and often multiple times.

His feature film „Hexenjagd (The Witch and the Believer) was released January 5th 2021. He has co-written and co-edited the film.